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Making Data Spaces happen! (Data Spaces)

Vienna, Austria
This session will bring you the opportunity to discover how FIWARE will make Data Spaces happen! Contents will give all the details and insights around the path taken in this strategic area. An introduction will provide the overall vision on Data Spaces, the status of the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) Technical Convergence activities, and initial considerations around the concept of FIWARE Data Space Connector, the first dataspace connector that will comply with the Data Space Business Alliance recommendations. Different coordination and support actions of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) in the Data Spaces domain will also be presented, as well as initial outputs from these projects. It will provide insights about the opportunities to influence and drive decisions within this important program of the European Union. A series of presentations will deep dive into technical details about the minimum viable framework recommended in DSBA: the standards proposed and how they integrate together. Concretely, presentations will focus on the pillars linked to decentralized Trust, Identity & Access Management and the pillar for Data Value creation covering aspects for Monetization and Marketplace services. Several presentations will tackle elements that open the discussion around the evolution of Data Spaces, as well as components expected to be integrated in the concept of Data Space Connector. They will be followed by use cases that provide insight on what is being developed and testimonies on how technologies based on Data Spaces concepts previously displayed are being used in real life scenarios. In summary, we invite you to attend this session which is a unique opportunity to discover the details of adopted standards for Data Spaces development. Presentations: Overview, vision and the concept of FIWARE Data Space Connector – Juanjo Hierro, CTO, FIWARE Foundation Data Spaces in the Digital Europe Programme – Clara Pezuela, VP Funded Programs, FIWARE Foundation Decentralized Trust services and IAM for Data Spaces – Jesús Ruiz, DLT/Blockchain integration leader, FIWARE Foundation Data value creation in Data Spaces: monetization and marketplaces – Juanjo Hierro, CTO, FIWARE Foundation Data spaces in practice – sharing insights from Smart Cities Data Spaces – Syrine Souissi, Business Development Manager for Data Sharing and Innovation & Andre Sa, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS) International Data Space Collaboration – a first data space trial between Japan and EU – Ernö Kovacs, Senior Manager, NEC Building Robust European Data Spaces – Safeguard your Data with Anubis and Amon – Dr. Giovanni Rimassa, Chief Innovation Officer, Martel Innovative CaPe: A solution for consent and privacy management in data spaces – Martino Maggio,Senior Researcher, Engineering https://www.fiware.org/event/fgs23_data-spaces/