Data Spaces for Manufacturing and Digital Product Passports for Circularity:

synergies, opportunities and challenges

 Digital product passport (DPP) is a cross-sectoral topic, key for Circular Economy implementation.

In this workshop hosted by IDSA & Data Space 4.0, we aim to clarify the relationship between data spaces and DPPs, and identify the synergies, opportunities and challenges among the projects working on this topic:

  • CIRPASS (https://cirpassproject.eu/) – developing a roadmap for DPP prototypes in three different value chains: electronics, batteries, textiles
  • DaCapo: https://www.dacapo-project.eu/ – Digital assets and tools for Circular Economy along both manufacturing value chains and products lifecycle, with use cases in Aeronautics, ICT & consumer electronics and Warehousing
  • Circular TwAIn: https://www.circular-twain-project.eu/  Developing an AI Platform supporting interoperable Circular twins for Integrated Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing
  • Re4DY: https://re4dy.eu/ – focuses on Manufacturing data networks


Key transversal topics for DPPs and data spaces such as Design principles, Interoperability, Traceability, Standards, Governance, etc. will also be explored.