Setting the Pathway Towards a Common European Manufacturing Data Space

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Data Space 4.0 is an industrial community driven by the National Industry 4.0 initiatives, sustained by the Digital Factory Alliance, supported by European Data Space and Industry 4.0 stakeholder communities and funded by the Digital Europe Programme from the European Commission.


Data Space 4.0 is an Industry 4.0 community born to create a unified voice and a shared pathway and governance model for scale-up of cross-sectorial data spaces for manufacturing.


Data Space 4.0 will support the community collaboration to align and set the foundations for a harmonised, yet autonomous, roll out and scale-up of a sovereign European manufacturing data space continuum.


Data Space 4.0 brings together national Industry 4.0 initiatives, European data space think tanks, industrial associations, knowledge and innovation networks, data 4.0 model standardisation initiatives and European networks for SME digital transformation to join efforts and identify common principles for sharing industrial data at the EU level.


Data Space 4.0 is open to all the digital and manufacturing community concerned with unlocking new data-powered business models and develop rich data value chains in manufacturing products, factories and supply chains.





Data Space 4.0 is set to secure growth and economies of scale for future data spaces for manufacturing in general. The initial focus will be to pave the way for secure, fair, sovereign, responsible and cost-effective data sharing across data ecosystems in dynamic asset management, predictive maintenance and agile supply chain management.


A European Data Space 4.0 Alliance & Multi-stakeholder Governance Model for data spaces for manufacturing.

Data Space 4.0 Canvas of design strategies, business modelling, incentive schemes and best-practices.

A Directory of existing manufacturing data space assets, toolkits and blueprints.

A consolidated set of reference Smart Data 4.0  Models.

A Data Space 4.0 Minimum Viable Framework (MVF).
A Multi-Step Roadmap towards deployment of pan-EU data spaces for manufacturing.


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The Data Spaces 4.0 consortium is steered by key Industry 4.0 national initiatives, supported by leading digital and market analysis organisations, key European industry 4.0 working groups leading experts and with the support of many research organizations, manufacturing companies and industry associations, well-established in the EU data space ecosystem.

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Funded by the European Union.

Funded by the European Union.

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