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The BAIDATA Forum is back with its second edition!

Meet the Iberian and international BAIDATA ecosystem: gain expert insights on data space and data sovereignty standards as promoted by IDSA, learn how data spaces open up new business opportunities and how to connect your business to European data spaces

The forum offers a unique opportunity for all interested stakeholders to meet face-to-face with Iberian BAIDATA pioneers and the leading industry community driving the evolution of the data economy.

The Forum will provide first-hand information on how the International Data Spaces standard is the reference model for trusted data sharing, how it is forming the future digital infrastructures and how it is reshaping processes and business models in society and industrial value chains.

The Forum will provide a privileged insight on the renewed set of activities that BAIDATA will unfold across its four fundamental activity pillars:

  • innovation
  • talent
  • ecosystem and
  • knowledge

for data space adoption acceleration and data economy scale up in the Iberian peninsula.

For more information and registration: www.baidata.eu/ii-baidata-forum

Bilbao, Spain