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FIWARE Impact – Stories from big tech companies, Governments and Cities contributing to digital transformation of the territory

Vienna, Austria
Digital transformation means a set of predominantly technological, cultural, organizational, social, creative, and managerial changes, associated with digital technology applications, in all aspects of human society. By acting organically and in combination with these elements, digital transformation goes beyond the simple adoption of new technologies. It enables services to be delivered, goods to be provided, experiences to be lived, and large amounts of content to be found, processed, and made accessible regardless of the actual availability of resources (human, material, intellectual, and economic, etc.). This contributes to the pervasive creation of new connections between people, places and things. The implementation of digital technologies in public and private organizational systems can raise service level standards and transparency, improve interactions with citizens, stimulate innovation, improve decision-making, increase development of smart solutions and services that have a positive impact in the territory. The process of digital transformation or digital transformation is enabled by the development of new technologies, but it is not limited to their adoption; it integrates and involves the entire ecosystem touched by the process, encouraging transparency, sharing and inclusion of all participants. In this session we report examples do public administrations and private companies contributing to digital transformation in the territory. Presentations: 16:40-16:55 Madinah innovation labs – Walaa Alharthi, Innovation Lab Manager, Madinah Region Development Authority 16:55-17:10 Real Time Dashboard – Lukas Kuenzel, CTO, ms.GIS 17:10-17:20 Implementing a Modern Data Platform for Monaco based on Fiware. A Case Study in Sovereign Nation Transformation – Laurent Curnier, Project Manager for the Data Platform, Monaco, Principauté De Monaco 17:20-17:30 Building Smarter places with the smart territory framework – Ali Benfattoum, IoT Technical Evangelist, AWS 17:30-17:40 Crowd management for events by using open source technology – Christian Drucks, CTO, Herne.Digital