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Do Robots dream of Smart Solutions? (Robotics)

Vienna, Austria
This session will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about concrete challenges, technology trends and concrete application scenarios which are driving the FIWARE technical roadmap on robotics and automation technologies. The session will commence with an overview of the FIWARE approach to create and exploit synergies between Digital Twins and AI-driven robotics automation in the context of smart industry solutions for manufacturing, intralogistics, and agriculture sectors. Following that, the presentations will delve into real-world examples, emphasizing the potential benefits and limitations of Digital Twin approaches to smart solution development in concrete robotics contexts. Special emphasis will be put on showing how FIWARE based digital twins and robotics bring value into disruptive solutions for manufacturing execution and operations management, material flow automation, efficient green house monitoring and maintenance. The interoperability between FIWARE-based digital twins and OPC UA robots is also a major topic in this session. To conclude, a wrap up presentation will summarize the take away messages, provide some insights into the future direction of this exciting technology, and discuss some relevant opportunities for establishing collaboration projects. Attendees will leave the session with a greater understanding of FIWARE-based Digital Twins in smart industry solutions, how they can be used to improve the performance and efficiency of robotic systems, and some of the most relevant initiatives of the FIWARE community in this domain. Presentations: Introduction – Francisco Melendez, Technical Expert in Robotics and Automation, FIWARE Foundation FIWARE-based digital twins for Agile Production (MES+) – Francisco Melendez, Technical Expert in Robotics and Automation, FIWARE Foundation Optimization of material flows in warehouses and smart factory floors (Smart Fleet Management) – Peter Detzner, Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics Control architecture for smart greenhouses optimization: The Agroconnect/CyberGreen Use Case – Jorge Antonio Sánchez Molina, Profesor Titular, Universidad de Almería FIWARE for OPC UA Robots (The i4Q Use Case) – Gabriele De Luca, Senior Researcher, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Shop Floor Integration using I4.0 and NGSI Digital Twins – Miguel Aguilar, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Atos Wrap up – Francisco Melendez, Technical Expert in Robotics and Automation, FIWARE Foundation