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AUTO-TWIN meets EU Data Space 4.0

AUTO-TWIN project aims to introduce a breakthrough method for automated process-aware discovery towards autonomous Digital Twins generation and this is done by adopting IDS-based common data space to promote and facilitate the secure and seamless exchange of manufacturing/product/business data within value-networks in a circular- economy ecosystem. Additionally, AUTO-TWIN integrates novel hardware technologies into the digital thread to create smart Green Gateways, empowering companies to perform data and digital twin enabled green decisions. Ljiljana Stojanovic (Head of the Smart Factory Systems Research Group at Fraunhofer IOSB) and her research group, have a strong scientific background and an extensive work done on Digital Twins integration with IDS Data Spaces. She will conduct an online workshop (1.5 h) to all AUTO-TWIN members, presenting their work and the current state of the art on these two topics, FA3ST software toolbox for the realization of digital twins and IDS data sovereign communication, all with the support of some video demos.