#DataSpaces #SmartFactories #SmartProduct-Services #Resilience #ValueNetworks

Data spaces for Autonomous (level 4) Factories, Smart Product-Services and resilient Value Networks

Lulea, Sweden
Over the last few years, the use of data has been of paramount importance to drive improvements in engineering, planning, commissioning, operations and after-sale services in the manufacturing domain. Manufacturing data spaces for Europe development has been so far conducted by many different alliances, projects, networks and in many cases driven in the context of National Industry 4.0 initiatives and within H2020 HEP R&I projects to establish the first “embryonic data spaces” for different applications in different manufacturing sectors. The main goal of this session is to give voice to European projects and initiatives in order to discuss and converge on common concepts and definitions; to elaborate on State of the Art and Best Practices; to present and analyze Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers. At the end, a number of priorities are identified in order to define a preliminary roadmap.