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Data Spaces for eGovernment and Public Administration. Enabling the next generation of Digital Public Services

Lulea, Sweden
The session will focus on the concept of Data Spaces and their objectives, as well as their impact on the digital transformation of eGovernment and Public Administration. The legal framework will be discussed, with a particular focus on the Interoperable Europe Act and mentions of other relevant acts such as the Data Governance Act, Data Act, AI Act, GDPR, and eIDAS2. Attendees will be introduced to the various specifications and solutions produced by the European Commission that are publicly available for free reuse. This will include an overview of the EIRA and eGovera (and the forthcoming Data Space Interoperability Reference Architecture by eGovera), and their alignment to SiMPL, IDSA, and Gaia-X. Additionally, SEMIC and the eGovernment vocabularies, including Linked Data Event Streams (LDES) and the role of Base Registries, will be discussed, along with the new business and support orientation of the SEMIC initiative. The session will also cover the role of the Data Space Support Center and the European Data Innovation Board. Finally, attendees will be provided with references related to the data space universe. Overall, the session will offer valuable insights into the world of Data Spaces and their impact on eGovernment and Public Administration.